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For more than 20 years we have been manufacturing and supplying pipe boxings, fire sprinkler boxings and a range of other decorative casing products to the contracting and commercial sectors, enabling the concealment of pipework, fire sprinkler systems, boiler pipes & flues, radiators and control panels, as well as structural columns and steelwork.

In addition to our popular and widely used moisture-resistant MDF pipe and fire sprinkler boxings, which are manufactured from UKTR compliant material, our comprehensive range also includes column casing solutions and exterior metal boxing products, which are manufactured to the same high-quality standards for which we are well known.

Add to this, our extensive bespoke manufacturing capability, plus our in-house finishing service and it’s clear to see why so many professionals turn to us when specifying and installing pipe boxings, casings, encasements and other related decorative casing solutions.

Whatever your pipe boxing or casing requirements, we probably already have a solution. If not, then we have the skills, experience and facilities to manufacture one to your precise specifications.

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