Pipe & Sprinkler Boxing

Our two-sided ‘L’ shaped and three-sided ‘U’ shaped pipe boxings are among the most popular products of their type and have been used for more than 20 years in social housing, education and health, as well as retail, commercial and leisure applications across the UK.

Designed to conceal all types of pipework including fire sprinkler systems, plumbing services, heating and radiator pipework, as well as heat recovery extraction ducting and pipework associated with air source and ground source heat pump installations, our range is highly versatile. Mains water supply and larger toilet or sink waste pipes are also common applications for our boxings.

Available in a comprehensive range of profile sizes and in either 2440mm or 3050mm length options, our pipe boxings are manufactured from high quality UKTR compliant moisture resistant MDF. We use durable 9mm thick material, which is supplied as standard in an easy to clean white painted finish.

Other non-standard profiles and length options are also available to order and if required, the pipe boxings can also be supplied with a ‘two-coat’ undercoat only option for colour matching and blending in with the surrounding decoration on-site.

A full range of dedicated accessories is available, which includes internal and external corners, joint covers and stop ends. Screws, caps, fixing battens and mastic sealant can also be purchased when ordering to further simplify installation.

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