Pipe boxings and boiler casings

  • Our pipe boxings and boiler casings are manufacturers from UKTR compliant 9mm thick moisture resistant MDF board and are designed specifically for interior applications in humid conditions..
  • Manufactured in accordance with the BS EN 622-5 Standard and to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, our MDF board has a typical moisture content of 7% plus or minus 2% at the time of production.
  • Test methods used for our moisture resistant MDF material includes a specialised cyclic test (BS EN 321:2002) in which test pieces, after conditioning, are immersed in water at 20°C for 72 hours, frozen in air at -12°C for 24 hours and heated in an air-circulated oven at 70°C for 72 hours.
  • This cycle is carried out three times, followed by post conditioning and physical testing according to BS EN 622 test methods and is accepted in the UK by the NHBC for use in suitable applications.
  • All cut edges and surfaces are finished in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations including sanding, sealing and painting with a recommended product to achieve a high quality finish.
Fire Sprinkler Boxing – Flame Retardant
  • In addition to being manufactured from UKTR compliant 12mm thick moisture resistant MDF board, the material used in our flame retardant sprinkler boxings also complies with Euroclass B standards.
  • FR sprinkler boxings (FRSB) is suitable for use in internal dry conditions as defined in EN622 part 5. Materials of this type are suitable for use in Hazard Class 1 of EN 335-3.
  • The range of dedicated accessories available for FRSB products are also manufactured from the same Euroclass B compliant material.
  • All paint coatings used on FRSB products are coated with flame retardant BS EN Class B s1 d0 paint.

Column casings

  • Our MDF column casings are manufactured using UKTR compliant moisture resistant materials and provide a smooth surface finish.
  • These column casings are designed purely for interior decorative applications and are available in a range of finish options to meet individual specifications including laminated, textured and plain for on-site decoration.
  • Manufactured from 3mm thick aluminium as standard, to BS EN 485-2, this range is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.
  • The casing profile tolerance is + / – 4.0 mm and the material thickness tolerance is + / – 0.1mm.
  • As the casings are manufactured from metal, they can be regarded as non-combustible, achieving a Class ‘O’ spread of flame to BS 476-4.
  • Finish options include PPC and ‘brushed’ surface finishes together with a wide range patterned and embossed solutions. Anodised and polished finishes can also be specified.
  • Finishes are in accordance with the following standards:
    • Polyester powder coating to BS 6496/7 in any RAL or BS 4800/381C colour
    • Anodising – BS 3987 (25 Microns)
  • UK Boxings’ GRP casings are manufactured using either ‘spray lay-up’ or ‘hand lay-up’ moulding techniques, which is dependent on the specification and quantity of casings required. They can be used on both interior and exterior applications.
  • Manufactured by combining resins with glass fibre strands or matting to create the required thickness, in general the columns have a resin to glass fibre ratio of around 2.5:1/ the exact figure will depend on the individual specification.
  • A high quality outer surface is achieved by using a ‘Gel-coat’ during the moulding process. Polyma casings are produced to meet individual project specifications using RAL or BS coloured ‘Gel-coat’ finishes.
  • The casing profile tolerance is + / – 4.0 mm and the material thickness tolerance is + / – 1.0 mm.
  • UK Boxings’ GRG casings are moulded products manufactured by combining pre-cut glass fibre matting with gypsum plaster to create self-supporting casings with a smooth surface finish for decoration on-site. They are for use only on interior apprlications.
  • As the casings are moulded, the can be manufactured in a wide range of shapes to meet a customer specification, although circular casing are the most popular.
  • The casing profile tolerance is + / – 4.0 mm and the material thickness tolerance is + / – 1.0 mm.