Finishes Range

In addition to our specialised Finishing Service, which provides a dedicated solution for ‘finishing only’ projects, we also provide a range of finishes, at UK Boxings, all of our products can be supplied in a range of finishes. 

We try to provide the widest possible choice to meet the demands of numerous specifications, although it must be remembered that not all finishes are available on every product. Also, the choice of finishes offered is determined by a number of factors, chief among these are the product type, material substrate and the customer specification.

For example, our standard moisture resistant MDF pipe boxings normally have a white painted coating, although they can also be specified in a ‘two-coat’ undercoat for on-site painting and blending in with the surrounding finish.

However, our metal pipe boxing are normally finished with a polyester powder coating (PPC) to provide extra durability and added protection against oxidisation, as these products are usually installed in exterior applications, which are open to the elements. Even so, a wide range of RAL and BS PPC colours is available to meet most requirements.

The widest choice of finishes is offered on our column casings range, as they can be used in an array of different applications including education, retail and commercial, as well as hospitals other sectors, all of which have different demands on colour schemes and whether the casings should blend in or contrast with the environment.

Also, as our column casings can be manufactured from MDF, Metal, GRP and GRG, the material is a key consideration when selecting an appropriate finish.

In addition to an incredible choice of painted options, there is an almost limitless variety of durable laminated finishes from plain colours and textured laminates to wood grain effects. Alongside these, ‘Gel-Coats’ are also available on GRP casings.

Our range is exceptional, so for specific colours, applications or finish requirements.

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