Boiler Pipe Boxings

Manufactured from high-quality, 9mm UKTR compliant moisture resistant MDF, our boiler pipe boxings are designed specifically to easily conceal boiler pipework and flues to help improve aesthetics and safety.

Finished in an easy clean white painted finish, they can also be supplied with a ‘two-coat’ undercoat only option for colour matching and blending in with the surrounding decoration on-site, if required.

A range of widths and depth options are available within the range to suit most boiler installations. They can be supplied in a standard pre-cut height of 485mm or in 2440mm lengths for cutting on-site. Other non-standard sizes are also available on request.

Our boiler pipe boxings are durable and simple to fit, making them ideal for multiple installations in social housing heating upgrade programmes. As they’re require no fabrication or painting, they save time on-site, which can reduce installation costs.

As with our ‘L’ shaped and ‘U’ shaped pipe boxings, our boiler pipe boxings are manufactured from moisture resistant UKTR compliant, sustainably sourced materials. By using materials from sustainable and managed sources, our products can help specifiers, contractors and buyers comply readily with their own sustainable procurement policies.

 Table of sizes – All dimensions in mm

Depth Width
100 375 395 415 435
125 375 395 415 435
150 375 395 415 435
200 375 395 415 435
250 375 395 415 435
300 375 395 415 435
  • Profiles available in heights of 485mm and 2440mm
  • Sizes shown are external
  • Material thickness 9mm
UKB - UKTR-600x400px