Pipe boxing

Pipe and Fire Sprinkler Boxing

Manufactured from high quality, 9mm UKTR compliant moisture resistant MDF, our two-sided ‘L’ shaped and three-sided ‘U’ shaped pipe boxings pipe boxings are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths and widely used for concealing a diverse range of horizontal or vertical plumbing services.

These include fire sprinkler system, heating and radiator pipework, plus heat recovery and extraction ducting. Interior distributed heating system pipework, mains water supply and larger diameter waste pipes are also common applications, alongside interior air source & ground source heat pump pipework.

Flame Retardant Sprinkler Boxing

Our flame retardant sprinkler boxing (FRSB) is manufactured from 12mm thick Euroclass B compliant MDF material and is designed for use where a flame retardant boxing is required to cover fire sprinkler pipework in new or retro-fit installations.

Available in both two-sided ‘L’ shaped and three-sided ‘U’ shaped profiles, our FRSB products are also painted with a flame retardant BS EN Class B s1 d0 compliant coating for additional fire protection.

FR pipe boxing
Boiler pipe boxing

Boiler Boxing

Manufactured from high-quality, 9mm UKTR compliant moisture resistant MDF, our boiler pipe boxings are designed specifically to easily conceal boiler pipework and flues to help improve aesthetics and safety.

Finished in an easy clean white painted finish, they can also be supplied with a ‘two-coat’ undercoat only option for colour matching and blending in with the surrounding decoration on-site, if required.

Metal Boxing

Our tough and durable metal pipe boxings are designed primarily for external use to provide a weatherproof shield for external pipework or building services located on the outside of a building.

Typical common applications are gas supply pipes, exterior distributed heating system pipework and electrical services, as well as interior or exterior pipework associated with air source and ground source heat pump installations.

Metal pipe boxing
Column casings

Column Casings

Wherever there is steelwork or concrete columns, then our column casings range provides an excellent decorative solution to conceal unsightly structural supports to either blend in or contrast with a building’s colour scheme.

Our column casings can be specified and manufactured from four different materials to provide maximum choice and design flexibility. In addition to our UKTR compliant MDF casings, the range also includes aluminium, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and glass reinforced gypsum (GRG) options.

Bespoke Manufacture

When you need something bespoke, but don’t know where to source that special product then start with UK Boxings.

For more than 20 years, we have been manufacturing a diverse range of special products for retail & hotel interiors, electrical contracting, heating control systems plus many other sectors and applications.

As a result, we have a considerable amount of experience and expertise in bespoke MDF joinery and finishing in addition to our pipe boxing and casing manufacturing capabilities.

If you have a bespoke product that needs manufacturing, an MDF joinery problem that needs solving or an idea that needs bringing to life, then talk to our ‘Bespoke Manufacturing’ team.


Finishing Service

Creating a perfect result is more than just having a great product that’s well manufactured; it also needs a high quality finish to match. 

This is why our Finishing Service for lacquer and paint finishes has proven to be such success and benefit for companies that don’t have the their own in-house spray finish systems.

So, they turn to us to provide the high quality lacquer and paint spraying service that helps them create the perfect result for their products. If you have a product that needs and expert professional finishing touch, call UK Boxings’ Finishing Service.