Sustainability and the use of sustainable materials in building and construction are key aspects of our business, as we use sustainable materials in our own products wherever possible to ensure we supply compliant solutions.

UK Boxings is one of the UK’s premier suppliers of decorative boxing and casing products and we use only UKTR compliant MDF and timbers in the manufacture of our pipe boxings, boiler casings, column casings and bespoke products.

We believe this is essential, as many local authorities, housing association and merchants, together with many other businesses, have sustainable procurement policies in place to ensure they comply with regulations and adopt responsible procedure to sourcing materials and products.

Our commitment to the use of legal and sustainably sourced timber also helps specifiers, contractors and buyers comply readily with their own sustainable procurement policies.

Some of our products, such as column casings and metal exterior pipe boxings are manufactured using aluminium, which is one of the most commonly recycled and recyclable materials available. Also, as it weighs around 30% that of steel for the same volume, it also usually helps reduce fuel consumption and the production of greenhouse gases due to exhaust emissions.

Also, according to figures from the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB), globally, around 35% of aluminium is recycled and 75% of all aluminium produced since the 1880s is still in use today.

Further aluminium can be obtained from the CAB or by visiting their website here

Aluminium recycling