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Our pipe boxings, pipe casings and covering panels provide the ideal solution for concealing and enclosing pipework of all types, as well as boilers, control panels, wiring and more. All products are pre-finished, making installation a speedy process using minimal joinery skills.

All our standard pipe boxings have a sturdy 9mm MDF construction making them easy to cut accurately while giving high strength and stability. All products have a white melamine lacquer finish as standard, offering an easily cleaned and durable surface, although other colours and finishes are available (see bespoke).

Standard pipe boxings are supplied in 2.44 metre lengths and can be manufactured in a range of sizes to suit most jobs. 'L' shaped boxings are usually used at floor level or vertically in corners, with 'U' shapes usually fitted vertically or horizontally on walls.

Internal and external corner pieces are available as well as end-plates and cover-plates (to cover valve access points, for example).

Our pipe casings can be used in conjunction with most types of ducting and radiator covers, fitting is straightforward using screws and caps or adhesives. An instruction sheet is available on request.

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The new website for UK Boxings is now live and we hope you find it easy to get the information you need about our services.

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